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The Key to Bluffing at Online Poker


The Key to Bluffing at Online Poker

The trouble for most people who play online poker is they are terrified to bluff because they have no way to see their opponents. They feel that they are just as invisible as everyone else, so there is no way anyone is going to really believe that they have a hand and will be called all the time. When you pick your spots carefully that you want to bluff, you will find that other players fold out of habit and don't want to get in that pot with you.


Here are a few spots you can use to your advantage when playing poker online and building your stack.


The blinds are a great spot to bluff for two reasons. No one is really going to be that upset about folding the blinds because they rarely get good starting hands in that position anyway. Secondly, you get to build up your confidence by bluffing and winning these smaller pots over and over again. It is in that persistence that you will gain all the confidence you need to bluff bigger down the road.


If an ace hits the flop, those who were betting earlier are now in a real spot. Chances are good the ace crushed their top pair, so they tend to check around the bet to see if anyone steps up. When you put in a big bet and are not known as a player who bluffs, the tale respects your bet and usually fold their hands to you.


Remember that now that you know what spots to bluff that you don't go overboard. Part of the way to sell the bluff is to do it infrequently or you are going to get marked as a table bully and they will call you all the time in the future.