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Don't Be the Table Donkey in Online Poker

Don't Be the Table Donkey in Online Poker

Right now at the online poker rooms there is going to be that one player at the table that everyone wants to play in their pots. This player is known as the donkey, and they literally lose their money so fast that they have to reload several times a week just to stay in the game. When you are the donkey, you wonder why it is so easy for everyone to keep busting you out, and why it always seem that you come up against a better hand in a showdown. Here are a few things to consider to ensure you are not the donkey at the online poker table.

Stop Playing Every Hand

In order to stop being recognized as the donkey at the poker online table, you have to stop playing every hand. The reason you are getting into trouble is because everyone at the table already knows you are a fish or donkey because you are in every hand. So they simply take turns and sit back until they get the nuts, then they wait until you think you caught a hand and you lose over and over again. Stop getting in every hand. Sit out more hands than you play, and the sharks will find other prey.

Stop Talking to Everyone
No one at the poker table is your friend, they all want your money. When you start chatting, you tell the table you are a fish and they line up to start getting your chips. When you chat, you can not focus, and that is when you get in a ton of trouble. Stop chatting, stop comments, stop flashing your cards, and start acting like you want to conceal your identity rather than tell the world who you are. This is how you win more hands and stop the bloodletting.